PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG-IPP> Last Call for PWG draft on: Internet P rinting Protocol ( IPP): Production Printing Attributes - Set1, Version O ctober 26, 2000 - c losing on November 15, 2000

PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG-IPP> Last Call for PWG draft on: Internet P rinting Protocol ( IPP): Production Printing Attributes - Set1, Version O ctober 26, 2000 - c losing on November 15, 2000

Hastings, Tom N hastings at
Mon Oct 30 19:45:01 EST 2000

Carl-Uno, Don, and I got our signals crossed.  I've just updated the
versions without revisions following a proposed format for PWG standards
that Don had suggested last February.  There is no technical content change.
I kept the same file names as well.  If you copied the files without
revisions, you should copy them again.

I did make up a participants list from the Chicago meeting and email on
Production Printing.  However, if I left anyone off, it was unintentional.
Send me private mail and I'll add you before we publish the document.

Here is the list of participants that is in the document:

Ron Bergman - Hitachi Koki Imaging Systems
Dan Calle - Digital Paper
Weihai Chen - Microsoft
Lee Farrell - Canon Information Systems
Satoshi Fujitani - Ricoh
Roelof Hamberg - Océ
Tom Hastings - Xerox
Bob Herriot - Xerox
David Kellerman - Northlake Software
Carl Kugler - IBM
Harry Lewis - IBM
Carl-Uno Manros - Xerox
Satoshi Matsushita - Brother
Ira McDonald - High North Inc.
Paul Moore - Netreon
Hugo Parra, Novell
Stuart Rowley - Kyocera
Gail Songer - Netreon
Geoff Sorod - Software 2000
Jerry Thrasher - Lexmark
Shinichi Tsuruyama - Epson
Atsushi Uchino - Epson
Shigeru Ueda - Canon
William Wagner - NetSilicon/DPI
Mark Vander Wiele - IBM
Don Wright - Lexmark
Michael Wu - Heidelberg Digital
Peter Zehler - Xerox

Sorry for the confusion,

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Subject: PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG-IPP> Last Call for PWG draft on: Internet
Printing Protocol ( IPP): Production Printing Attributes - Set1, Version
October 26, 2000 - c losing on November 15, 2000


Note that this message is about a PWG draft on IPP (not part of the IETF IPP

Late last year it was agreed with the IETF Application Area Directors that
IPP extensions that have no major impact on the overall IPP model and
protocol encoding could be done separately by the PWG.

The relevant draft document is: Internet Printing Protocol (IPP):
Production Printing Attributes - Set1, Version October 26, 2000

The first draft of this document was introduced to the PWG in December 1999.
The document is intended to be published as an IEEE-ISTO PWG Standard
document as an extension to the RFC2911 from the IETF.

The purpose of a Last Call is to give everybody a last chance to look over
the draft text and determine whether they agree that the content now
reflects our technical agreements and has support from a majority of the
technical experts that have worked on it.

Anybody interested in the content of the draft can send their comments,
whether they participate in the PWG work or not. 

Please send your comments to the PWG IPP DL at: pwg-ipp at

The draft can be found in different versions at (there is no TXT version):

The PWG rules state that Last Calls for drafts need to be at least 10
working days. 

We will start the Last Call tomorrow October 31, and the deadline for
comments is November 15, 2000.

If we get back comments, we will try to resolve those before voting on the
document in the PWG for publishing.

The final vote in the PWG can be done either in a PWG meeting or over email.
As there is no further PWG meeting until December, we are likely to do the
voting for this document over email.

See some further details below. 

Carl-Uno Manros


The draft contains the comments that were generated at the PWG-IPP WG
meeting September 13-14 in Chicago and subsequent telecons.  The PWG logo
has been added to make it look like a PWG standard.  We agreed to post the
.rtf, so that it would be the most available.  However, rtf is 3.3 Mbytes.
The .doc is  700 Kbytes and the .pdf is 300 Kbytes.  So all three forms are
posted.  The -rev version show all the changes from the June 5, 2000 version
that was reviewed in Chicago. Here is the Abstract:

This document specifies an extension to the Internet Printing Protocol/1.0
(IPP) [RFC2565, RFC2566] and IPP/1.1 [RFC2910, RFC2911].  This extension
consists primarily of Job Template attributes defined for submitting print
jobs primarily (but not limited to) to production printers.  These
attributes permit a user to control and/or override instructions in the
document content to perform the following functions:  print on document
covers, control the positioning of stapling, force pages to the front side
of the media, insert sheets into the document, provide an accounting id,
provide an accounting user id, request accounting sheets, provide job sheet
messages, request error sheets, provide a message to the operator, control
the media used for job sheets, request media by characteristic (size,
weight, etc.), request to check the media characteristics in an input tray,
specify the presentation direction of page images on impressions, and shift
the impression image.  

This extension also defines the "current-page-order" Job Description
attribute, the "user-defined-values-supported" and
"max-stitching-locations-supported" Printer Description attributes, and the
'resources-are-not-supported' value for the "job-state-reasons" Job
Description attribute.  Some additional "media" keyword values are defined
for use with the "media" and "media-col" Job Template attribute.

Here is the Change History:

The following changes were made to the June 5, 2000 version to create the
October 26, 2000 version from the PWG IPP WG review in Chicago, September
13, 2000 and subsequent IPP telecons:

		1.	Added "finishings-col" (collection) to control
placement of staples which also requires the implementation of the "media"
Job Template attribute in RFC 2911.
		2.	Added "force-front-side" (1setOf integer(1:MAX)) Job
Template attribute to force a page to the front side of the medium.
		3.	Changed "job-account-id-supported" (integer(1:255)),
"job-message-to-operator-supported" (integer(0:1023)), and
"job-sheet-message-supported" (integer(0:1023)) to boolean on the grounds
that conforming implementations are supposed to implement the maximum length
and no one wanted to shorten the maximum in the spec.
		4.	Added "job-accounting-user-id" Job Template
attribute to go with "job-account-id".
		5.	Added "job-accounting-output-bin" member attribute
to the "job-accounting-sheets" collection to control the output bin.
		6.	Removed "job-recipient-name" to a separate IETF
spec, since it needs to be an IETF document, while the Production Printing
Extension remains a PWG document.
		7.	Specified how the matching algorithm works for
"media-col" and what is IMPLEMENTATION-DEPENDENT.
		8.	Added "media-key" member attribute to "media-col"
collection as a unique key for media which must be present if implemented
and removed "media-description" member attribute (which was neither unique
nor required on all values when implemented - it was more like a "nick"
		9.	Removed "media-opacity", "media-tabs", and
"media-label-type" member attribute of the "media-col" Job Template
attribute and added "media-type" member attribute with Printer MIB and
Internet FAX Media type values to represent these media types.  Added
'full-cut-tab' and 'pre-cut-tab' values to disambiguate between these two
forms of 'tab-stock' values.  Also added 'other' to cover cases when no
supported keyword or name will do.
		10.	Added "media-info" (text(255)) member attribute to
give a text description of the media for human consumption.
		11.	Changed the 'clear' "media-color" to 'no-color' to
be clearer.
		12.	Clarified that full-cut tabs can have a
		13.	Changed the lower limit of the "media-size"
dimension attributes from 0 to 1.
		14.	Clarified that the rangeOfInteger in
media-size-supported can be used by Printers with adjustable input trays.
		15.	Deleted "media-weight-english" member attribute as
an unwanted supplemental attribute to "media-weight-metric" which is in
metric units.
		16.	Deleted the 'any' value from the
"media-front-coating" and "media-back-coating" member attributes of the
"media-col" attribute.  Matching a client supplied value of 'any' with 'any'
in the supported list is straight forward, but then selecting the actual
media instance is a special case.  It is simpler to allow the user to select
one of the defined values.
		17.	Added the "media-input-tray-check" Job Template
attribute to control checking the media in a specified input tray.
		18.	Added "presentation-direction" (type2 keyword) Job
Template attribute to specify the direction that number up page images are
to be placed on a side.
		19.	Changed the 'wrap-sheets' value for
"separator-sheet-type" to 'both-sheets'.
		20.	Renamed the "x-auto-center" and "y-auto-center"
attributes to "x-image-position" and "y-image-position" attributes with
type2 keyword data types.  The values are 'none', 'center-on-media, 'left',
'right' and 'none', 'center-on-media, 'top', 'bottom', respectively.
		21.	Renamed "user-defined-names-supported" Printer
Description attribute to "user-defined-values-supported" and generalized it
to allow the administrator to establish the policy to allow users to supply
any integer values for integer attributes and collection values for
collection attributes as well.
		22.	Added "max-stitching-locations-supported" Printer
Description attribute to indicate the maximum number to stitches/staples per
		23.	Added "finishings-ready" (1setOf type2 enum) to
specify the finishing that doesn't require operator intervention for use in
systems where operator intervention MAY be required to changes the finisher.
		24.	Changes the 'job-wrap-sheets' value of "job-sheets"
to 'job-both-sheets' to give a more understandable name.
		25.	Added more "media" keyword values.


Carl-Uno Manros
Principal Engineer - Xerox Architecture Center - Xerox Corporation
701 S. Aviation Blvd., El Segundo, CA, M/S: ESAE-231
Phone +1-310-333 8273, Fax +1-310-333 5514
Email: manros at 

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