FW: PWG-ANNOUNCE> Invitation to Participate -- HAVi Printer Working Group

FW: PWG-ANNOUNCE> Invitation to Participate -- HAVi Printer Working Group

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The attached announcement while of interest to the printing community is NOT for
a project of the PWG.  It is in no way endorsed or affiliated with the Printer
Working Group.

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Subject:  PWG-ANNOUNCE> Invitation to Participate -- HAVi Printer Working

The HAVi (Home Audio/Video Interoperability) organization is pleased to
announce the formation of a HAVi Printer Working Group (PWG).  We invite the
participation of all HAVi member companies.  If your company is not
currently a HAVi member, you may join the working group after becoming a
HAVi member.  For more information about HAVi, visit our website at

The first two important dates in forming the PWG are

   Introductory conference call:
        Mon-23-Oct 10:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time
        Tue-24-Oct  7:00 am European Daylight Time
        Tue-24-Oct  2:00 pm Japan Standard Time

   First face-to-face meeting:
        8,9-Nov  Rome (Italy) Airport Hilton

The purpose of the introductory teleconference is to help set the
expectations and agenda for the Rome face-to-face meeting.  The phone number
for the conference call will be sent to interested participants by

At the Rome meeting we will elect a permanent chair, a secretary and a
document editor; then we will begin the business of the PWG in earnest.
(Refer to the HAVi website at http://www.havi.org/news/events/meet1100.html
for location and registration details.)

The major responsibilities of this working group will be to:
    1. Define the end-user requirements for output from
       a HAVi printer.
    2. Define the services and technical requirements for
       a HAVi Printer FCM.
    3. Create the technical specification for a printer FCM.
    4. Evaluate usability with a demonstration implementation.
    5. Either create a technical specification for a reliable
       asynchronous transport for streaming printer data, or
       specify the printer requirements for such a transport.
       The extent of this item will be finalized by the HAVi
       Technical Steering Committee in Rome on Fri-10-Nov based
       on recommendations from the PWG meetings on 8,9-Nov.

If you would like to participate please send the name and email address of
any interested participants from your company to me, Gerrie Shults,
Temporary PWG Chair, at the email address below.  Before or at the Rome
meeting, any company wishing to vote on PWG issues must designate a voting
representative to the PWG Chair.  It is also desirable to designate an
alternate, for those occasions when the voting representative is unable to
attend a meeting.  Meeting attendance is open to any employee of any HAVi
member company, but only the designated representative or alternate is
allowed to vote.  We will also establish a HAVi PWG email reflector in the
near future.

We are looking forward to your contributions.

Thank you and best regards,
Gerrie Shults

 Gerrie Shults
 Temporary Chair, HAVi Printer Working Group
 R&D Connectivity Strategist        Hewlett-Packard Company
 edress:  Gerrie_Shults at hp.com      Home Imaging Division
  Phone:  +1 858 655 8582           16399 West Bernardo Drive
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