PWG-ANNOUNCE> Scanner MIB Document Available

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Scanner MIB Document Available

Ron Bergman rbergma at
Wed Feb 2 12:08:28 EST 2000

The Scanner MIB for next Tuesday's meeting is available at:

The primary topic will be the model and how the scanner fits
into the overall MFP architecture.  (I suspect that the actual
MIB will not be discussed.)  Raymond Lutz is working on a
document that presents the MFP model and also contains a
MIB that links all the various modules in an MFP device.  I
will send an announcement when this document is available.

This document should still be considered an early draft.  There
were considerable changes discussed in the MFPA meeting
last week and many of the changes are not yet rolled into the
MIB.  The channels section, in particular, needs significant
work.  Sections 1, 2, and 3, which cover the model, should
be in much better shape than the actual MIB.

    Ron Bergman
    Hitachi Koki Imaging Solutions

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