PWG-ANNOUNCE> Members Page

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Members Page

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Members Page

don at don at
Thu Jan 20 15:48:15 EST 2000

I have added a members page off the main page ( ).  It lists the names of the members of the
PWG, their logo and their name (which is hotlinked to their main corporate web

I ask the following:

1) If you have not joined the PWG, now is the time!!
2) If I have used an old, inappropriate, poor quality or too small logo, please
send me one to replace it.
3) If you would like the name changed or the URL changed, please send that to me

If you send a new logo, one that is about 150 - 200 pels tall would be the best.
I would prefer a logo on a white background is that is possible.

My thanks to all who have made the commitment and joined the group.  Let's all
work together to make this a great year for the PWG.

* Don Wright                 don at *
* Chair, Printer Working Group               *
* Chair, IEEE MSC                            *
*                                            *
* Director, Strategic & Technical Alliances  *
* Lexmark International                      *
* 740 New Circle Rd                          *
* Lexington, Ky 40550                        *
* 606-232-4808 (phone) 606-232-6740 (fax)    *

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