[IPP] RFC: Recommend same port/origin policy for resources in IPP Everywhere v1.1

[IPP] RFC: Recommend same port/origin policy for resources in IPP Everywhere v1.1

Kennedy, Smith (Wireless & Standards Architect) smith.kennedy at hp.com
Thu Aug 23 14:07:20 UTC 2018

Hi Mike,

IPP Implementor's Guide v2 section 7.2 makes this recommendation already, and I'm wholly supportive of adding this (and possibly other recommendations) to IPP Everywhere™ 1.1.


    Smith Kennedy
    Wireless & Standards Architect - IPG-PPS
    Standards - IEEE ISTO PWG / Bluetooth SIG / Wi-Fi Alliance / NFC Forum / USB-IF
    Chair, IEEE ISTO Printer Working Group
    HP Inc.

> On Aug 23, 2018, at 7:45 AM, Michael Sweet <msweet at apple.com> wrote:
> All,
> I've had some recent discussions internally at Apple concerning some network management issues with IPP printers that serve their resource files over a different port (typically port 80) than their IPP endpoint. Basically, it is "easy" to whitelist communications over port 631 (or 443, as is still often the case) for IPP but less desirable to whitelist port 80 which is also used for web content.
> Effectively this means that we'd like to see printers advertise their printer-icc-profiles, printer-icons, printer-more-info, printer-strings-uri, and printer-supply-info-uri URLs with the same host and port as in printer-uri-supported and printer-xri-supported, which is supposed to match the HTTP Host header. We can't make this a requirement in IPP Everywhere v1.1, but I'd like to add it as an explicit recommendation (Printers SHOULD ...) in sections 5.3 and 5.4, and note that the port number should also be included in section 5.1.1 which talks about using the HTTP Host header value.
> I also notice that printer-more-info should be listed as a Printer Status attribute and we need to add the missing printer-strings-uri and printer-strings-languages-supported attributes as RECOMMENDED...
> Thoughts?
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