[IPP] Getting Job info, and whether to use a Job URI or Printer URI + Job ID?

[IPP] Getting Job info, and whether to use a Job URI or Printer URI + Job ID?

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Tue May 1 18:59:12 UTC 2018


The "job-uri" attribute is a holdover from IPP/1.0 where every IPP object would get its own URI. However, since the URI path information was never standardized (RFC 3510 only went so far as to say that "job-uri" SHOULD use "printer-uri" as a prefix, and that came out years after IPP/1.0), interoperability between Clients and Printers was a serious problem and made both implementations needlessly complicated.  In contrast, the "printer-uri" + integer identifier mechanism is both trivial and cleaner to implement.

Subsequent objects (subscription, document, and now resource) have only ever used "xxx-id (integer(1:MAX))".

> On May 1, 2018, at 2:34 PM, Kennedy, Smith (Wireless & Standards Architec) <smith.kennedy at hp.com> wrote:
> Hi there,
> When interacting with a Job object, like for instance in a Get-Job-Attributes operation, RFC 8011 section 4.3 says:
> 4.3.  Job Operations
>    All Job operations are directed at Jobs.  A Client MUST always supply
>    some means of identifying the Job object in order to identify the
>    correct target of the operation.  That Job identification SHOULD be
>    the combination of a Printer URI with a Job ID but MAY be the
>    (single) Job URI.  The IPP implementation MUST support both forms of
>    identification for every Job.
> Why briefly is Printer URI + Job ID preferable to Job URI again?
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