[IPP] Registration of "media" keyword values

[IPP] Registration of "media" keyword values

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Thu Mar 29 20:41:09 UTC 2018


The following media size names were requested by Canon and approved by the IPP
workgroup in July of 2014 but never added to the IANA IPP Registry.  The
following special implementation guidance applies:

- Printers SHOULD report either "iso_id-1_53.98x85.6mm" or "om_card_54x86mm"
  in the "media-ready" or "media-supported" Printer attributes, but not both,
  because Clients may be unable to correctly support two media sizes with
  effectively the same dimensions.

Attributes (attribute syntax)
  Keyword Attribute Value              Reference
  -----------------------              ---------
media (type2 keyword | name(MAX))      [RFC8011]
  iso_id-1_53.98x85.6mm                [CANON20180329]
  iso_id-3_88x125mm                    [CANON20180329]
  oe_photo-l_3.5x5in                   [CANON20180329]
  om_card_54x86mm                      [CANON20180329]
  om_dsc-photo_89x119mm                [CANON20180329]

Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer

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