[IPP] Addition to PWG Raster Spec

[IPP] Addition to PWG Raster Spec

[IPP] Addition to PWG Raster Spec

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Mon Sep 12 22:53:40 UTC 2011



	New Attribute

	PrintContentType: Text, Text+Graphics, Graphics(vector), Photo

	This is combined with "OutputType" to optimize output.

	This was big discussion in JTAPI definition and it was determine
that is necessary to have both values.


We don't have this in the semantic model or IPP yet. Where do you
propose I put this?


I am not sure what you mean "where do you propose I put this"?


If you mean --

Within the PWG Raster it can occupy the first; no, better yet the last 4
bytes of the vender data space and shorten the vendor data space.


If you mean--

Where will the information come from in a SM or IPP "job ticket"; then,
I agree there is no source.  But if an application choices to create a
PWG Raster file and knows the PrintContentType value; then the
application can fill in the field.  The default value of zero ('0') can
represent the value of "unknown" or "not specified".  So the enum could


typedef enum {

            NotSpecifed = 0,





} ContentTypeEnum



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