[IPP] RE: [MFD] Initial PWG Print Job Specification Posted

[IPP] RE: [MFD] Initial PWG Print Job Specification Posted

[IPP] RE: [MFD] Initial PWG Print Job Specification Posted

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Thu Aug 25 18:33:37 UTC 2011


My responses are in line below.  I should have the updated specification
and schema posted sometime tomorrow.




Peter Zehler

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From: Michael Sweet [mailto:msweet at apple.com] 
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2011 11:50 AM
To: Zehler, Peter
Cc: mfd at pwg.org; IPP at pwg.org; cloud at pwg.org
Subject: Re: [MFD] Initial PWG Print Job Specification Posted


On Aug 19, 2011, at 2:01 PM, Zehler, Peter wrote:



	An initial draft of the PWG Semantic Model Print Job Ticket
(PJT) has been posted.  It is available at



	The specification is based on v1.140 of the PWG Semantic Model
Schema.  See the Semantic Model page for links to the files and to
browse an online html version.  The Semantic Model web page is available
at: <http://www.pwg.org/mfd>   (Note: if version 1.140 is not show try
refreshing the page.)


	The first review of this specification will occur at the
Semantic Model Working Groups 9/1/11 teleconference at 3 pm EDT.  I'll
send out a meeting notice closer to the date with all the necessary


Not sure if I'll be able to call in, but here are some initial comments
from a first read:


- General: Looks like the footer has a lot of extra whitespace in it?


- Section 1, Introduction

            - You jump right in to PrintJobTicket, but never introduce
the semantic model (aside from the abstract) - I think it would be
useful and appropriate to provide a paragraph or two (and maybe a
diagram?) providing the scope of the SM and where PrintJobTicket fits.

<PZ> couple of paragraphs added</PZ>

            - Some mixed usage of PrintJob, Print Job, PrintJobTicket,
Print Job Ticket, etc.


- Sections 5.x, 6.x, and 7.x: Datatypes

            - I think we do want text here


- Section 8: Print Job Ticket Elements' Semantic information

            - Wouldn't Table 1 be better broken up into Description and
Processing elements, and put near the fugures? For example, right now if
I look at Figure 15 (job processing) I need to search for OutputBin
within the document to find out what it means and what the accepted
values are.

<PZ>We can discuss this at the next teleconference.  I prefer a single
table that acts as a dictionary of all the semantic elements.  There are
elements shared between groups and I'd prefer only a single entry.  The
information is organized a set of summary diagrams, a table with an
overview of the semantics, and finally the referenced specification and
section that gives the precise semantics.</PZ>

- Section 9: PrintServiceCapabilities

            - Table 2: There is at least one place where the
capabilities element has a different name than the job ticket element
(e.g. Resolutions vs. Resolution). I don't think we need to add a
column, but perhaps we could add the job ticket element in parenthesis
when the names don't match?

- Section 10: Simple PrintJobTicket

<PZ>Fixed the capabilities element representation.  Also added
additional information for MediaCol.</PZ>

            - According to the semantic definition, MediaType is part of
MediaCol and not a top-level element in PrintDocumentProcessing.

<PZ>MediaType can be used anywhere where Media is used.  I added the
reference to WS-Print.  It would seem cleaner to extend IPP to allow
media-type to be a top level attribute.  If that does not happen the IPP
encoding will require media-col whenever media-type is used.</PZ> 

            - However, the current schema shows MediaType as an optional
top-level element in a sequence with Media/MediaSource, which are under
a choice???

            - That doesn't match the IPP definition of media,
media-type, or media-source, either... Both media-type and media-source
need to be in media-col for IPP, with media/media-col being
mutually-exclusive (a choice in XML schema)

<PZ>I have corrected the media definition in Document Processing.   Note
that WS-Print requires Media and MediaType as DocumentProcessing



I corrected the media definition in MediaCol.  MediaType  at the same
level as the XML choice and can be specified with any of the three media





Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair


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