[IPP] Inputs for possible additions to (PWG) Raster

[IPP] Inputs for possible additions to (PWG) Raster

[IPP] Inputs for possible additions to (PWG) Raster

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Mon Jun 20 15:58:00 UTC 2011



Below is the complete list of items I would like to add to the (PWG)
Raster.  Some we discussed already; some we did not.  My principal
justification for the list of items is that a (PWG) Raster file could be
printed in the event a job ticket was not present and produce the print
intent of the end-user.  Whether these are new fields or existing CUPS
Raster field does not matter to me.



Just the list - No order of importance is implied


Total Page Count

Duplex - Horizontal Transformed State

Duplex - Vertical Transformed State

Vendor ID number (for vendor only extensions)



Media Size Width

Media Size Height

Media Type


Spot Color [8 - rgb]

Monochrome Base Color [1-rgb]

Index Colors Value


Print Content Top Offset 

Print Content Left Offset


Print Quality

Print Content Type


Raster Data Size



Discussion and range of values


"Total Page Count"

*	The total number of page in this (PWG) Raster file.


"Duplex - Horizontal Transformed State"

"Duplex - Vertical Transformed State"

*	The layout state of the duplex pages (both the front and back


"Vendor ID number"

*	For vendor extensions only 
*	See http://www.linux-usb.org/usb.ids



*	Metric (lsb = ???)
*	Inches (lsb = ???)


"Media Size Width"

"Media Size Height"

*	Size (in units) of the media
*	This allows for new values beyond existing PWG and other


"Media Type"

*	This will need discussion

	*	Could be an index into a list created by PWG
	*	Could be string names of well known (defined) types
	*	Must be able to handle vendor extensions.


"Spot Color"

*	8 - rgb values.


"Monochrome Base (saturation) Color"

*	1-rgb value


"Index Colors Value"

*	256 - rgb values (max) 


"Print Content Top Offset"

"Print Content Left Offset"

*	Note could use proposed bounding box 


"Print Quality"

*	Draft, Normal, High


"Print Content Type"

*	Text, Text+Graphics (= web), Graphics (typically vector), Photo


"Raster Data Size"

*	Total size of raster data to follow.



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