[IPP] RE: [MFD] Question on print job ticket

[IPP] RE: [MFD] Question on print job ticket

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Thu Jun 2 15:25:37 UTC 2011



Scaling and rotation could be applied to Print but at this time they are
not included in any current IPP specification and therefore not included
in the Print Service portion of the MFD specification.   Perhaps JPS3
can include them if there is a desire and people willing to work on it.


There are limited controls that cover how an impression is laid out on a
media sheet (e.g., OrientationRequested, Resolution, NumberUp, the
various [X|Y] Image [Shift|Position] elements).   If Scaling and
Rotation are included then JPS3 will have to address the interactions of
these IPP job Template attributes


The Transform Service is currently only a place holder.  The intent is
for that service to be addressed after the services currently being
actively worked.  It is incomplete and can be ignored for now.  There is
no intent for simple services (e.g., copy, print, scan) to require a
workflow to produce output.  The transformation service was intended
primarily as an "Impedance matcher" between the output of one service
and the input of another.  The transform service could also function
independently to extend the capabilities of an MFD.






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Hi there,


I have noticed that in the Semantic Model v2, the job/document
processing ticket only has scaling and rotation elements for image
output services but not for impression output services. This seems to be
inconsistent, since printers are also able to scale and rotate documents
when ripping.


On a related note, rotation and scaling is available in the
TransformService, but this service has no operations defined in
ServicesOperations.xsd. Should rotation & scaling for printing be
ordered by setting a workflow with the TransformService feeding into the
PrintService ? if so, how ?  why is this different for the ScanService ?




Sergi Casas


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