[IPP] Re: IPP JPS3 - "printer-supply[-description]" encodings

[IPP] Re: IPP JPS3 - "printer-supply[-description]" encodings

[IPP] Re: IPP JPS3 - "printer-supply[-description]" encodings

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Wed Mar 30 11:49:46 UTC 2011

It is my understanding that 1SetOf is unordered.  But rfc2911 states
"Sets are normally unordered.  However each attribute description of
this type may specify that the values MUST be in a certain order for
that attribute."  I assume that the description will detail the ordering
including the mapping to the Printer MIB and any ordering relationship
between attributes.



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I'm working on getting this text into a new rev of the JPS3
specification. Some comments below...


On Mar 28, 2011, at 7:55 PM, Ira McDonald wrote:


	(3) prtMarkerSuppliesColorantIndex is omitted in
	because it is redundant with prtMarkerColorantIndex for the rows
	include colorant information.


Do we even need the colorantIndex from the prtMarkerColorant table?
Seems like unnecessary information that will never get used in this
composite view of the two tables...


Same for Index - we implicitly already have it (1setOf is ordered) so
why include it?


MaxCapacity should be REQUIRED since otherwise how do you interpret


Finally, I would make at least the colorant Value conditionally
required, otherwise the data can't be represented properly in UI.


	                Table 6 - Keywords for printer-supply
	SNMP Supply Object      IPP Datatype    IPP Keyword
	------------------      ------------    -----------
	Index (note 1)          Integer         index
	MarkerIndex (note 2)    Integer         markerindex
	ColorantIndex (note 3)  Integer         ---                 ---
	Class                   String          class
	Type                    String          type
	SupplyUnit              String          unit
	MaxCapacity             Integer         maxcapacity
	Level                   Integer         level
	Index                   Integer         colorantindex
	Role                    String          colorantrole
	Value                   String          colorantname
	Tonality                Integer         coloranttonality



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