[IPP] RFC: printer-supply-info-uri (uri)

[IPP] RFC: printer-supply-info-uri (uri)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 15:44:08 UTC 2011

Hi Mike,

Thanks - with your clarifications and revised attribute description,
I'm in favor of this new attribute.

- Ira

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On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 5:14 PM, Michael Sweet <msweet at apple.com> wrote:

> On Mar 20, 2011, at 9:42 AM, Ira McDonald wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> I like this new attribute, but...
> I think that the remediation info belongs locally in existing
> "printer-state-message" and "printer-alert-description"
> (mapped from Printer MIB remediation info), i.e., can be
> found without fetching an external web page.
> The simple instructions ("replace cyan ink") maybe, but the idea is that
> the printer can host a page that provides pictures, instructions, buttons to
> put the printer in "change ink mode" (many consumer inkjets have no physical
> buttons these days), print self-test pages, do head alignment, etc.
> (This is traditionally stuff that is provided using vendor-specific
> software that is not easy to map to IPP operations and attributes.  On the
> Mac we call these Printer Utility programs...)
> While the how-to-order info may be appropriate in this new
> attribute, though I have seen it put in "printer-more-info"
> web page.
> The idea is that this would be specific to supply information and
> management and not the printer as a whole. Also, printer-more-info often
> points to the vendor's product web page and not the printer itself.
> Or was your intent that this web page was served by the
> printer itself?
> Yes, otherwise it would be useless for many of our use cases.
> I think that implementation would introduce
> freshness problems, i.e., distributors for resupply change
> over time.
> Redirect pages are cheap (and probably necessary to handle regional
> differences), and I would expect vendors to direct customers to their own
> online stores and not to some third party anyways.
> In any case, the primary purpose is to handle stuff on the printer that is
> normally done with vendor-specific UI that cannot be easily mapped to IPP
> attributes or operations.  Perhaps a better description would be:
>     printer-supply-info-uri (uri)
>     The RECOMMENDED "printer-supply-info-uri" Printer attribute provides
> a URI
>     referring to a human-readable web page that provides controls
> for managing
>     the Printer and its supplies, e.g., supply replacement, head alignment,
>     self-test pages, and so forth.  The web page MAY also provide supply
> part
>     numbers, links for ordering supplies, and detailed instructions for
>     replacing supplies.
>     The URI MUST use the “http” or “https” scheme with the printer as the
>     destination host - external URIs are not allowed.
> __________________________________________________
> Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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