[IPP] IPP JPS2 comments

[IPP] IPP JPS2 comments

Gail Giansiracusa Gail.Giansiracusa at ktd-kyocera.com
Mon Nov 1 20:07:25 UTC 2010

While review the spec, I noticed some inconsistencies with the conformance section that I think should be addressed.  There might be other instances, so I think we should (quickly) look at all of section 12 to make sure that it matches with the text of the document.
The two that caught my attention were: 
- Close-Job Operation appears in Conformance Requirements (line 1829) but does not appear to be required in 5.3
- Job-save-disposition.  In 7.9 it looks to be optional, but in 12.4 it looks to be required.
Gail Giansiracusa
408 246 2778

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