[IPP] RE: [SC] Revised IPP Everywhere Charter (27 Sept 2010)

[IPP] RE: [SC] Revised IPP Everywhere Charter (27 Sept 2010)

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Tue Sep 28 01:22:19 UTC 2010

Ira et al,


A few thoughts.

1.     If I get  it correctly, the change is in:

a.     Suggesting that IPP Everywhere will need new operations as well as
attributes (I think we all expected that)

b.     Documenting these new operations and attributes in yet another IPP
Extension document rather than in the IPP Everywhere specification, with the
intent of making these additions available to other IPP implementations as

2.     My first reaction (indeed when it was first proposed) was that a
charter change is really not necessary. You are now doing the same thing in
three steps rather than two. But I understand that there may be some who
will cry that the additional document exceeds that permitted by the charter.

3.     However, with the additional Extension Set 3 identifying operations
and attributes needed for IPP Everywhere, it would seem that logically one
must establish extension set 3 before the IPP Everywhere spec. For example,
the new goal 'c' should be stated second, and the IPP Everywhere Definition
should refer to Extension Set 3 as well as the IPP/2.0  Specification and
other documents.

4.     Finally, unless there is a new IPP/X.X specification, (I don't think
a third edition would be a reasonable approach.I am seeing much confusion
with IPP/2.0 Second Edition), there would be no standard tying Extension set
3 into non IPP Everywhere implementations. Actually, I thought the idea of
holding off six months on IPP/2.0 Second Edition and including Extension
Set 3 was a good idea. At this point, we are losing the objective of having
a single cohesive IPP document defining compliance.



Bill Wagner


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Hi PWG SC folks,

Please take a look right away at this slightly revised IPP 
Everywhere charter (see note w/ change log below).

For review and approval at *this* Thursday's SC meeting.

- Ira

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Subject: Revised IPP Everywhere Charter (27 Sept 2010)
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Per my action at today's IPP WG teleconference, a revised draft of
the IPP Everywhere charter is available at:

  ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/wd/wd-ippeverywhere-charter-20100927.pdf /
  - with line numbers and redlines from July approved version

Please send comments promptly!

The PWG Steering Committee plans to approve this revised charter
at their meeting this Thursday 30 September.

- Ira (IPP co-editor)

Change Log

- Changed Status from Approved back to Stable Draft
- Changed filename and directory path according
- Added a third specification IPP Job and Printer Extensions - Set 3 (JPS3)
- Revised OBJ-4 to reference new OBJ-8 below
- Added OBJ-8 to define IPPS URI Scheme (IPP over HTTPS)
- Added OBJ-9 to define IPP access to SNMP MIBs
- Added CH-4 and CH-5 new Milestones (revise charter)
- Added JPS3-1 and JPS3-2 new Milestones (write JPS3)

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