[IPP] Proposal for mapping Printer MIB into IPP

[IPP] Proposal for mapping Printer MIB into IPP

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 17:43:28 UTC 2010

Hi,                                            Saturday (21 August 2010)

Per my action item from our August 2010 PWG Meeting, here is my proposal
for a new IPP spec called "IPP Printer Device Extensions".

Since the complete ABNF and mapping rules for all 170+ objects defined
in the Printer MIB will be fairly long, I suggest that this should be in
a separate IPP spec and not simply included in "IPP Everywhere" spec.


- Ira



- Avoid use of new Object (e.g., Device) or Collection to reduce cost
  for lightweight mobile implementations of IPP Clients

- Follow style of IPP PSX mapping of prtAlertTable, i.e., array of text
  parameters in "printer-alert" representing most columns and separate
  attributes like "printer-alert-description" for string MIB objects

- Convert all enumerated values from Printer MIB into IANA registered
  string names, e.g., "prtChannelType" of "38" maps to "chBidirPortTCP"

- Map bit masks, e.g., "prtChannelStatus (PrtSubUnitStatusTC), directly
  as integers (because string encoding in IPP is too verbose)


- Simple human-readable text encoding

- Lightweight (no new attribute groups, objects, etc.)

- High fidelity mapping from Printer MIB objects to IPP attributes


- Like "printer-alert", maps a *single* physical output device onto an
  IPP Printer object

- Note that this precedent was already established with "printer-alert"
  which has shipped in CUPS and various printers for several years


printer-channel[1] =

printer-channel-version[1] =
    "Bi-Directional Raw TCP/IP Printing"

printer-channel-info[1] =

printer-marker[1] =


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