[IPP] REMINDER: Stable JPS2 v28 posted for IPP WG Last Call, comments due [TOMORROW], Monday June 21

[IPP] REMINDER: Stable JPS2 v28 posted for IPP WG Last Call, comments due [TOMORROW], Monday June 21

Tom Hastings tom.hastings at verizon.net
Sun Jun 20 22:02:32 UTC 2010

I've seen no comments posted so far.  Comments due tomorrow, Monday, June
21.  We have an IPP WG meeting at 4 PM EDT = 1 PM PDT.





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Subject: Stable JPS2 v28 posted for IPP WG Last Call, comments due in 2
weeks, Monday June 21


The Standard for Internet Printing Protocol (IPP): Job and Printer
Extensions - Set 2 (JPS2) is in stable state and is out for IPP WG Last
Call.  Comments are due in two weeks, namely, Monday, June 21.  I don't know
whether there will be an IPP WG telecon then or not.  Note that the comment
period bridges the face 2 face meeting in Rochester, this week, as planned.
I may be a little late for the IPP WG part of the face 2 face.


The various flavors of v28 are available at:

> wd-ippjobprinterext10-v28-20100606-rev.pdf







The change log is:


18.1  6 June 2010 (v28) - Stable version

1.      Agreed to the added abstract text.

2.      Agreed that Cancel-Jobs must return
successful-ok-ignored-or-substituted-attributes for job-ids that can't be

3.      Agreed to changes for job-delay-output-until value of "indefinite"

4.      Agreed that Resume-Job cannot be used with processing-stopped jobs.

5.      Agreed that job-delay-output-until and job-delay-output-until-time
cannot be specified at the same time.

6.      Agreed that job-delay-xxxx and job-hold-xxxx *can* be specified at
the same time.

7.      Agreed that job-hold-until and job-hold-until-time cannot be
specified at the same time.

8.      Agreed to the creation of a new section 8 section on semantics.

9.      Agreed to move conformance text for job-hold-until-time to 12.x

10.  Issue: if job-hold-until-time is supported, Hold-Job, Release-Job, and
job-hold-until must be supported

11.  Agreed to a rewritten version of the 8.1.1 text

12.  Issue: Need new 8.x sections for Release-Job and Restart-Job to address

13.  Agreed to the use of the job-hold-until-specified value when
job-hold-until-time is specified

14.  Agreed to add job-hold-until=indefinite when an invalid
job-hold-until-time is specified

15.  Issue: require support for Set-Job-Attributes when
job-delay-output-xxxx are supported

16.  Agreed to the new Set-Job-Attributes semantics with a corrected
reference (RFC 3380 section 4.2).

17.  Agreed to the deletion of the first two paragraphs of 12.3.

18.   Agreed to update document status from prototype to stable.



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