[IPP] Sharp has reviewed the IPP Everywhere charter and has the following comments

[IPP] Sharp has reviewed the IPP Everywhere charter and has the following comments

Murdock, Joe jmurdock at sharplabs.com
Fri May 28 20:31:01 UTC 2010

I approve of this IPP project as just that, an IPP specification.  I
wish to make sure that this project is not being touted or viewed as the
one and only solution to the real problem of Print Everywhere and or
Cloud Printing (whatever that may end up being).  


I do think that a lot of the work for the IPP Everywhere project can be
generalized and abstracted enough to avoid any dependency on a specific
printing protocol.

A realistic examination of the current market would indicate that there
are two existing, well support protocol that can provide solutions to
the Everywhere problem: IPP and WS-Print.  Both protocols are well
supported by vendors, although each may be stronger in a particular
market segment.  Luckily, since both protocols are based on the PWG
Semantic model, there are enough similarities that a large portion of
the work involved in the IPP Everywhere project can be common and easily
mapped to both protocols.


It may end up that the Print Everywhere problem can be solved by
providing a specification where vendors implement a common set of data
and file formats, and a minimal set of standardized protocols (IPP and
WS-Print, both of which they probably already have).  Providing  Cloud
Print solution (translated as Google) can then be viewed as the problem
of getting all interested parties to agree on using a model similar to
the Semantic model.  


By abstracting the real meat of the issue away from a particular print
protocol, real world political corporate alignments become a non-issue,
while minimizing the additional work required by printer vendors.  


Providing a common discovery protocol may be a different issue J


Just my 2 cents.



Joe Murdock

Chair Printer Working Group Imaging Device Security

Principal Engineer

Sharp Labs of America

5750 NW Pacific Rim Blvd

Camas, WA 98607

(360) 817-7542

jmurdock at sharplabs.com <mailto:jmurdock at sharplabs.com> 


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