[IPP] TCS has reviewed the IPP Everywhere charter and has the following objections:

[IPP] TCS has reviewed the IPP Everywhere charter and has the following objections:

Paul Tykodi ptykodi at tykodi.com
Wed May 26 20:08:11 UTC 2010


Objection as follows: I do not feel that the Problem Statement as currently
written adequately describes why there needs to be an IPP Everywhere

In terms of the computer operating system environments mentioned in the
problem statement, they are architecturally constructed to require a printer
driver as a necessary adaptation mechanism to work with a particular imaging

The OS vendors referenced have done a good job of making the relevant design
information available to entities that need it so a large number of drivers
have been created over the years and the ongoing management of them
continues to become more difficult.

This could easily lead the casual reader to conclude that the primary
purpose for proposing IPP Everywhere is to help foster an organized
conversion process in these environments to a new way of installing imaging
devices, which does not depend so heavily on individual device drivers.

While this might be a side benefit of IPP Everywhere implementations
sometime in the future, it is my opinion that the immediate concern being
addressed by IPP Everywhere is to provide a framework for supporting the use
of mobile devices to request print operations. This can be within a Cloud
Print framework or in a public or private non-Cloud network as well.

The adaptation mechanism required to allow for printing requests to come
from mobile devices is very different than the computer operating systems
mentioned in the current problem statement and the driver adaptation pathway
is typically not appropriate for this class of hardware resource constrained

I believe we need to state why in our opinion drivers are an inappropriate
solution for mobile devices as part of the Problem Statement. This should
help make the reason for requesting permission to start a new IPP project
more concrete so that readers will understand the specific issues we plan to
address with the proposed documents outlined in the charter.

I look forward to receiving feedback on the IPP Everywhere charter both here
on the IPP-List and at the upcoming F2F. 

I believe that this particular proposed IPP project has the potential to
provide significant benefit to the printing experience from a whole new
class of devices. I urge everyone with an interest in mobile printing, cloud
printing, and printing while on the road to give their comments and feedback
regarding use cases and wishes.

Thanks for your ongoing interest and support of the PWG IPP workgroup.

Best Regards,


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