[IPP] RE: IPP JPS2 - Error in Prototype templates and Spec (Table 2 operations)

[IPP] RE: IPP JPS2 - Error in Prototype templates and Spec (Table 2 operations)

Tom Hastings tom.hastings at verizon.net
Wed Jan 27 00:39:29 UTC 2010



Good catch.  I had found some errors in the IANA section while preparing the
templates.  I had corrected the IANA template file before posting yesterday.
I've also made the fixes in a v17 editor's draft that I'm using to catch
typos, but haven't uploaded et.  


So it was good to make the separate template table files.


I've uploaded both templates with the corrected info and corrected file name
and deleted the older template versions to:








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Hi Tom,


I just realized that the descriptions of Reprocess-Job [RFC3998]

and Resubmit-Job [IPP-JPS2] are exactly REVERSED in Table 2

(Operations requirement summary) in draft-16:


- says Reprocess-Job can modify the Retained Job (wrong)

- says Resubmit-Job is defined in RFC 3998 (wrong)


Please fix the Prototype template ASAP and also your editor's

working copy of JPS2.



- Ira


PS - The filename of your Prototype template totally violates

the PWG Naming Policy (see attached) which forbids any

uppercase letters and requires an 8-digit date (yyyymmdd)

at the end of *all* filenames (to avoid ambiguity when they

are copied out-of-context).


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