[IDS] Security Guide

[IDS] Security Guide

Sukert, Alan Alan.Sukert at xerox.com
Thu Feb 6 12:05:44 UTC 2020

For today’s IDS F2F Virtual Meeting, here is the information for dialing in. I will pass along the password as soon as I get it.

Conference Call Information
Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): +1 866 469-3239
Call-in toll number (US/Canada): +1 650 429-3300
Call-in toll number (US/Canada): +1 408 856-9570
Attendee access code: (by request only)
WebEx Information
To join the WebEx meeting for this event:

  1.  Email the PWG Chair<mailto:chair at pwg.org> for the event's meeting password.
  2.  Click here to join the Meeting.<https://ieee-isto.webex.com/ieee-isto/j.php?MTID=me0e422e130fa349eb389ab91d18e214c>
  3.  If requested, enter your name and email address.
  4.  Click "Join".

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