[IDS] Fwd: [tc-forum] NIST Threshold Cryptography Workshop 2019: Live Webcast

[IDS] Fwd: [tc-forum] NIST Threshold Cryptography Workshop 2019: Live Webcast

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Subject: [tc-forum] NIST Threshold Cryptography Workshop 2019: Live Webcast
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Dear subscribers of the NIST Threshold Crypto forum,

For the workshop, *in-person registration closed *on March 4, 2019. We are
offering a *free live webcast option*.


*WEBCAST option*: Webcast registration is not required to view the live
stream, but registered viewers will receive a reminder and updates prior to
the webcast. You may participate by emailing your questions or comments to
ntcw2019 at nist.gov or join our Twitter chat using *#NTCW2019*.

Requirements: You will need a broadband connection and a current browser
with Adobe Flash and/or HTML 5 support. Caption features may not be
available on iOS or Android devices. If you're having trouble viewing the
live stream, please try *refreshing the page* to reconnect to the live
video. You can also try another browser such as Chrome. If you still can't
see the video you may have a firewall issue. Each live webcast will provide
an alternate YouTube link the day of the event. A full recording will also
be available within one week of the event.

*All visitors to the NIST campus must be pre-registered.  There is no
onsite registration for meetings held at NIST.*

On behalf of the Threshold Cryptography Team

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