[Cloud] [IPP] Updated stable draft of IPP Shared Infrastructure Extensions (INFRA) posted

[Cloud] [IPP] Updated stable draft of IPP Shared Infrastructure Extensions (INFRA) posted

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Wed Nov 19 21:05:06 UTC 2014

OK. I thought I understood the Resource addition, but things are getting
foggy. Please correct or answer as appropriate

1. The Infrastructure printer (Cloud System) can provide a directory for the
Proxy to store the static resources in each registered output device (Local
Imaging System).
2. The infrastructure printer provides the URI, total capacity and free
capacity for this storage capability on output device registration. 
3. The proxy can store static resources, create new ones etc in this
directory on behalf of the output device (local Imaging System.

a. What is the purpose? 
	Is it just to provide more storage for the Proxy/Local system to
manage resources?
	Is it for the Infrastructure printer (Cloud Imaging System) to have
access to these resources?
	Is it for other Imaging systems to have access to the resources?

b. Is this directory written to just by the proxy? If so, 
	Why should the Infrastructure printer provide Kbytes free value?
Does it even know?
	Shouldn't the proxy indicate how much (if any) resource storage is
desired when registering the output device (local system)
	If this is just more storage, why do we restrict what category of
resources are stored?

c. Is the contents of the directory used by anything other than the Proxy
(on behalf of the output device)? If so,
	Shouldn't there be an index of what is in the directory?
	What controls what has access to the contents and for what purpose?
Bill Wagner

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I have posted an updated stable draft of the IPP Shared Infrastructure
Extensions (INFRA) to:


Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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