[Cloud] Thoughts on static resource uploads

[Cloud] Thoughts on static resource uploads

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Wed Nov 5 03:57:25 UTC 2014


OK, so based on the discussions in today's joint IPP/Cloud sessions I'd like to propose the following new Semantic Model ServiceDescription elements (IPP Printer Description attributes in parenthesis):

  - ServiceStaticResourceDirectoryUri ("printer-static-resource-directory-uri (uri)") - directory URI for HTTP PUT requests (to create resources) and HTTP DELETE requests (to cancel resources)

  - ServiceStaticResourceKOctetsReady ("printer-static-resource-k-octets-ready (integer(0:MAX))") - Available storage capacity in K octets (1024 octets).

  - ServiceStaticResourceKOctetsSupported ("printer-static-resource-k-octets-supported (integer(0:MAX))") - Maximum storage capacity in K octets (1024 octets).

Resources are created using HTTP PUT requests and canceled using HTTP DELETE requests.  Doing a PUT to "ServiceStaticResourceDirectoryUri/filename.ext" does the equivalent of the CreateResource (formerly DeleteResource) operation with the following elements:

  ResourceCreatorUserName=<HTTP authenticated user name>
  ResourceName=<path component of URI without leading slash>
  ResourceType=<mapped from Content-Type - Image, ICCProfile, or *MessageCatalog*>
  ResourceFormat=<Content-Type value>
  *ResourceUri*=<URI of PUT>

  (*foo* is a new value or element)

If the PUT request includes the conditional request header If-Unmodified-Since, then the service does an atomic combination of a CancelResource (formerly DeleteResource) followed by a CreateResource if the destination resource is older than the specified date.

Doing a DELETE to "ServiceStaticResourceDirectoryUri/filename.ext" does the equivalent of the CancelResource operation for the matching ResourceUri.


Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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