[Cloud] IPP Scan question.

[Cloud] IPP Scan question.

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Sun Sep 21 16:50:04 UTC 2014

A few questions in looking at the comments on Cloud Scan Model relative to
the MFD Scan Model and  IPP Scan.


The SM Scan Model identified Single Document Single File Jobs, Single
Document Multiple File Jobs, Multiple Document Single File Jobs, and
Multiple Document Multiple File Jobs, where in this context, Document refers
to the hardcopy document and File refers to the Digital Data file resulting
from scanning, which is related to Destination. This relationship allows the
Scan Service User to define a Job with  multiple documents and  " Each
Document can have a different set of processing parameters". There can be
multiple files for each document and different files for multiple documents,
with each file having its own URI. 


It is also clear from the IPP Scan specification GetNextDocumentImages
operation that a scan job can have multiple documents. 


The Cloud conference call comment is that  FetchJob (corresponding to
CreateJob)  contains the Destination,  DestinationAccesses, and
InputElements for Scan with no need to have a FetchDocument operation.  This
suggests that there is but one document (possibly with multiple
destinations) in a Scan Job. Alternatively,  it may be that the Input
Parameters and Destinations for each one of multiple documents are defined
in the CreateJob.  This seemes inconsistent with the general Imaging Service


The IPP Scan specification definitely refers to multiple documents in one
scan job.  However, Figure 1 can be interpreted to mean that  the only
operation necessary for Scan is a CreateJob, with GetNextDocumentImages
necessary if it is a Pull Scan Job. Indeed, InputAttributes is defined to be
in the CreateJob request as well as are the Job Template attributes defining
destination; but it does not appear that different InputAttributes and/or
destinations can be specified for different documents.


[Also,  Compression Accepted and Document Format Accepted are defined in
CreateJob, but also in GetNextDocumentImages for Pull Scans. Can it be
assumed that requests in GetNextDocumentImages takes precedence?]


Do I correctly understand that, although there may be multiple documents in
a scan job, they must all have the same InputAttributes and the same
destination(s)?  An alternate approach might have been to send  a
SetDocumentAttributes sent for each document to be scanned, which contained
the input parameters and destination for each specific document/image file;
that would have been consistent with the Model. 


For Cloud, we need to decide whether we should reflect the Semantic Model
(with which we should bet be consistent) or the IPP Scan Binding. Or do we
need to change the semantic model?



Also, a few minor editorial comments/questions I had while looking up stuff.


1.                          Table 1 lists Get-Next-Document-Images and
refers to PWG 5100.SCAN.  I take it that this  means to have the
specification refer to itself, but it is confusing even if the proper number
is inserted. Better to refer to the internal paragraph.

2.                          Figure 1 refers to the operation as
GetNextDocumentImage rather than GetNextDocumentImages

3.                          In para 7.1.1, under Group 2: Job Template
Attributes is a reference to section  There is no such section
(should it be 8.2?)

4.                          Although the text makes a distinction between
Print Jobs and Scan Jobs, section refers to a Print Job.



Bill Wagner




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