[Cloud] Local System XriSupported element

[Cloud] Local System XriSupported element

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Wed Jul 9 20:16:45 UTC 2014

At the last conference call, it was questioned whether the
ServiceXriSupported complex element should be provided to the Cloud Imaging
Services by the Local Imaging Services (via the Proxy).  XriSupported
includes XriUri, XriAuthentication, and  XriSecurity, which correspond to
the IPP attributes of printer-uri-supported, uri-authentication-supported,
and uri-security-supported. The point was made that, since the neither the
Cloud Imaging System nor its services are intended to communicate directly
with the Local Imaging System, they have no need for this information. 


It should be noted that SystemXriSupported was added to the elements to be
provided to the Cloud Imaging Control Service during the June 8 conference
call (cloud-concall-minutes-20140609.pdf
> ). (ServiceXriSupported  was added some time previous)


It would appear that, because by the Model all communication between the
Cloud Services and the Local Services is initiated by the proxy, the Cloud
Services do not need this information. However, it may be argued that the,
aside from configured Services and perhaps state, the Cloud Services do not
need any of the Local Service and System information sent; rather, this
information is ultimately for the User.  The question then is whether the
User  (in any role)  has a need for this information.  The question may be
applied to all of the currently identified local system and service
elements, the values of which are to be communicated to the Cloud

For the Local System:

.         CharsetConfigured

.         NaturalLanguageConfigured

.         MakeAndModel

.         OwnerURI

.         SystemGeoLocation

.         SystemLocation

.         SystemNameSystem

.         XriSupported

.         ConfiguredServices

.         SystemUuid

.         State

And for each Local Service:

.         CharsetConfigured

.         NaturalLanguageConfigured

.         OperationsSupported

.         ServiceName

.         ServiceXriSupported

.         VersionsSupported

.         ServiceUuid

.         State

.         StateReasons

.         IsAcceptingJobs

I would appreciate opinions on this.

Thanks, Bill Wagner




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