[3D Printing] Prototyping feedback for IPP 3D Printing Extensions

[3D Printing] Prototyping feedback for IPP 3D Printing Extensions

[3D Printing] Prototyping feedback for IPP 3D Printing Extensions

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Fri Jul 8 18:12:57 UTC 2016


I have implemented a portion of the IPP 3D Printing Extensions - the current work-in-progress is available at:


The "examples" directory contains sample 3MF files from the 3MF Consortium's Github samples repository, along with an ipptool test file (create-job-3d.test) that can be used to test a prototype.

Let me stress that THIS PROTOTYPE IS INCOMPLETE.  However, I feel I have come far enough to identify some issues with the current prototype draft at:



- We generally don't specify conformance requirements for the new attributes or member attributes.  Obviously we need to do this.
  - Based on my current prototyping, materials-col-ready should be RECOMMENDED while materials-col and materials-col-database should be REQUIRED
  - print-rafts and print-supports should be RECOMMENDED
  - "ipp-3d" should be REQUIRED in ipp-features-supported
- We similarly do not list which of the existing IPP attributes are required for IPP 3D.  We can use the IPP Everywhere specification as inspiration...
- print-accuracy member attributes should probably use PWG units (hundredths of millimeters) instead of nanometers, with 0 being the best a printer can do (potentially better than 0.01mm).
- printer-bed-temperatures is listed in Table 3 but there is no information about the attribute in the rest of the document
- The section on materials-col-database needs to say something about the contents of each collection, i.e. type and temperature range, diameter, rate, etc., omit member attributes that can take any of the xxx-supported values, etc.

So based on my experience so far I think we need to roll another update to this document and continue our prototyping efforts.

Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer

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