[3D Printing] API documentation | Doodle3D help

[3D Printing] API documentation | Doodle3D help

Olliver Schinagl o.schinagl at ultimaker.com
Mon Jan 5 07:20:04 UTC 2015

Hey list!
On 04-01-15 15:58, Michael Sweet wrote:
> All,
> Saw this 3D printer accessory while browsing today...
> 	http://www.doodle3d.com/help/api-documentation <http://www.doodle3d.com/help/api-documentation>
Yeah, these are partners of ours and their system works quite allright. 
There are however some heavy limitations (memory related mostly, only 
32mb of ram, 4mb of flash iirc) on their boxes to make this really usefull.

We've bundled the boxes for quite a while even.

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Met vriendelijke groeten, Kind regards, 与亲切的问候

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