[3D Printing] Update on white paper/outreach...

[3D Printing] Update on white paper/outreach...

[3D Printing] Update on white paper/outreach...

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon Sep 29 17:28:40 UTC 2014

If the intended audience here is the 3-D printing industry, I would suggest
starting off the introduction with a few 3-D Printing Points. Perhaps (with
a few statistics):
	1. The use of  3-D Printing is growing 
	2. More companies are providing a wider range of products
	3. Devices are being equipped with network access
At this point in the state of the industry, it must consider issues of
compatibility, security and remote monitoring/maintenance. These were issues
that the digital printing industry faced years ago, and which were addressed
by creating the PWG to generate and maintain industry standards. It would be
reasonable for the 3-D Printing industry to participate in the PWG and
leverage these existing standards to address their needs.

Then go on to the outline you provided.
Bill Wagner

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After reviewing the posted outline and extensive discussion, we have decided
to focus on doing a smaller blog-sized article that can be widely
distributed and provides:

1. A short introduction
   a. Who is the PWG?
   b. What are the Internet Printing Protocol and Semantic Model?
2. How can IPP and the SM be adapted for 3D printers?
3. Why should 3D printing use a standard protocol?
   a. Security (setting printers on fire, etc.)
   b. Remote monitoring (progress, errors, etc.)
   c. Re-use common software/infrastructure
      - Faster time-to-market
      - Simplified implementations
      - Better interoperability
      - Enables cloud-based and direct-network solutions
      - Enables common/generic software for operating systems
      - Enables modeling/custom solutions for multiple products 4. How to
get involved/resources/links

We will then follow-up with additional articles that focus on specific areas
(System+Subunits+Capabilities, Job/Document model, etc.)


Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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