IPP Everywhere Frequently Asked Questions

IPP Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPP Everywhere?

IPP Everywhere is an exciting version of IPP that makes it possible to print to network printers without special software. You can find out more on the IPP Everywhere technology page.

What Computers Support IPP Everywhere?

Any computer running CUPS 1.5 or later supports IPP Everywhere. For now that basically means all major Linux distributions, Open Solaris, *BSD, and macOS.

What Mobile Devices Support IPP Everywhere?

Mobile devices running Android 4.4 and later come with native support for IPP Everywhere. Prior versions of Android are supported using an installable application.

What Printers Support IPP Everywhere?

The IPP Everywhere Self-Certified Printers page lists printers that have been registered on the PWG web site.

What About USB Printers?

The USB-IF developed the IPP USB Specification which allows printers to support IPP Everywhere over USB. Printers supporting IPP USB have been available since late 2013.

What About Wi-Fi Direct?

The Wi-Fi Alliance has developed a Wi-Fi Direct Printing specification, based in large part upon IPP Everywhere.

What About Scanning, Facsimile, Etc?

The PWG IPP workgroup has developed specifications for scanning and facsimile, and is currently developing a specification for managing the whole printer. These will be combined with IPP Everywhere to create an updated IPP Everywhere specification to support accessing all of the services of a multifunction printer without special software.

Where Can I Learn More About IPP Everywhere?

The current specifications, mailing list, and archives for IPP Everywhere are available on the PWG IPP workgroup page.