The Printer Working Group

Our members include printer and multi-function device manufacturers, print server developers, operating system providers, print management application developers, and industry experts. We make printers, multi-function devices, and the applications and operating systems supporting them work together better.

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The PWG Last Call of the IPP Implementor‘s Guide 2.0 (IG) has begun. The IPP Implementor’s Guide 2.0 (IG) updates and extends “Internet Printing Protocol/1.1: Implementor’s Guide” (RFC 3196) for all IPP protocol versions.

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The April 2015 face-to-face meeting will be held on April 28 to May 1, 2015 at Apple‘s facilities in Sunnyvale, CA. Topics will include OpenPrinting, CUPS, Cloud Printing/Imaging, 3D Printing, the JDF and PPD Mapping to the PWG Print Job Ticket, Semantic Model 3.0, IPP System Service, and advancing IPP/1.1 and IPP/2.0 to full standards.

Please register to attend before April 20, 2015.

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PWG Standards define all of the common network protocols used by your printer.

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IPP Everywhere

Print to any network or USB printer without using special software from the manufacturer.

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PWG Semantic Model

Support multiple network protocols and job ticket formats using our abstract model.

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Monitor jobs, status, and supplies, and manage your printers remotely using SNMP.

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Summary of the February 2015 Face-to-Face Meeting Feb 11, 2015

The Printer Working Group recently held a face-to-face meeting on February 3-5, 2015 in El Segundo, CA. We discussed current and future liaison‘s with other standards groups and reviewed several drafts of in-progress specifications.


PWG Last Call of IPP Shared Infrastructure Extensions (INFRA) (concluded) Jan 23, 2015

The PWG Last Call of IPP Shared Infrastructure Extensions (INFRA) has begun. This specification defines an IPP binding of the Cloud Imaging Model that allows IPP Printers to interface with shared services based in the network infrastructure, i.e., software-defined networks, and/or through Cloud solutions to remotely obtain and process jobs and documents, and provide state and configuration changes to those services.


PWG Last Call of Cloud Imaging Requirements and Model (concluded) Jan 23, 2015

The PWG Last Call of the Cloud Imaging Requirements and Model has begun. This specification outlines the requirements of and defines a model to support imaging services using the Cloud, based on the PWG Semantic Model.


3D Printing and PWG Standards Jan 22, 2015

What do two-legged dogs, a floppy airway, and a custom-built car have in common? The answer: 3D printing and PWG standards.

The PWG is currently investigating how to best support networked 3D printers and invites all interested developers to participate in our discussions. The next 3D Printing BOF will take place on February 4, 2015 at the February 2015 face-to-face meeting. The PWG also has a 3D printing mailing list for discussing potential solutions and the necessary data models.


PWG Approved: IPP Finishings 2.0 (FIN) Jan 6, 2015

PWG Candidate Standard 5100.1-2014: IPP Finishings 2.0 (FIN) has been approved. This document defines new “finishings” and “finishings-col” Job Template attribute values to specify additional finishing intent, including the placement of finishings with respect to the corners and edges of portrait and landscape documents.


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