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64UNKNUnconfirmedMissing "[jobx]" and "[ippdoc]" referencesSep 7, 2017
 Smith Kennedy: Page 26, footnote 12: "The [jobx] specification does not define any Document Description attributes. See …
65UNKNUnconfirmedSection 5.2 needs additions to clarify meaning of "defaults" in this contextSep 12, 2017
 Smith Kennedy: 5100.7 section 5.2 "Job Description attributes that are defaults for the Document(s) in the Job" is prescribing …
69UNKNUnconfirmedSection 5.2 needs to clarify that attributes such as "compression-supplied" may …Mar 7, 2018
 Smith Kennedy: Sub-sections of section 5.2 each end with a statement similar to the last sentence of section 5.2.1: