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25MODPendingReference to job-preferred-attributes-supported should be preferred-attributes-s…Jan 14, 2015
 Michael Sweet: On page 58 there is a reference to a job-preferred-attributes-supported attribute in section 5.5.4, but …
40MODUnconfirmedSection 5.6.8: Clarification needed about use of 1setOf to list multiple possibl…Jul 11, 2016
 Smith Kennedy: Concerning IPP job constraints and resolution, "job-constraints-supported" is a set of collections, where …
4UNKNUnconfirmedsubscription-uuid should be notify-subscription-uuidSep 13, 2014
 Michael Sweet: The subscription ID attribute is notify-subscription-id so the UUID attribute should be notify-subscription-uuid …
5UNKNUnconfirmedmultiple-operation-timeout-action should be multiple-operation-time-out-actionSep 13, 2014
 Michael Sweet: The base RFC 2911 attribute is multiple-operation-time-out...
6UNKNUnconfirmedError in printer-output-tray ABNFSep 13, 2014
 Michael Sweet: error in ABNF for printer-output-tray (stacking order and page delivery should be in required list)
7UNKNUnconfirmed6.10: "job-mandatory-elements" should be "printer-mandatory-job-attributes"Sep 13, 2014
 Michael Sweet: 6.10: "job-mandatory-elements" should be "printer-mandatory-job-attributes"
8UNKNUnconfirmedMissing referencesSep 13, 2014
 Michael Sweet: Missing reference to RFC 3808

Missing reference to RFC 5646

Missing reference to normative ABNF:
9UNKNUnconfirmedMissing ABNF extension pointsSep 13, 2014
 Michael Sweet: Need to add extension points for printer-input-tray and printer-output-tray
10UNKNUnconfirmedOrder of jobs for new which-jobs values?Sep 13, 2014
 Michael Sweet: The order of jobs is not specified for the new which-jobs values. They are specified in RFC 2911.
28UNKNUnconfirmedBad colorantindex in Example of printer - supplyMay 1, 2015
 Stefan Brüns: printer-supply[1] = ...