a simple ipp proxy client



ippproxy - a simple ipp proxy client


ippproxy [ --help ] [ --version ] [ -d device-uri ] [ -m mime/type ] [ -p password ] [ -u user ] [ -v[vv] ] infrastructure-printer-uri


ippproxy is a simple IPP proxy client conforming to the IPP Shared Infrastructure Extensions (INFRA) specification. It can be used to proxy access to a local IPP printer through an Infrastructure Printer such as ippserver(8).


The following options are recognized by ippproxy:
Show program help.
Show program version.
-d device-uri
Specifies the local device using its URI. ippproxy supports "ipp", "ipps", and "socket" URIs.
-m mime/types
Specifies the output format as a MIME media type. ippproxy supports "application/vnd.hp-pcl" (HP PCL), "image/pwg-raster" (PWG Raster), and "image/urf" (Apple Raster). The default is to choose an output format automatically.
-p password
Specifies the password to use when authenticating with the Infrastructure Printer.
-u user
Specifies the user name to use when authenticating with the Infrastructure Printer.
Be (very) verbose when logging activity to the standard output.

Exit Status

The ippproxy program returns 1 if it is unable to process the command-line arguments or connect to either the infrastructure or local printers. Otherwise ippproxy will run continuously until terminated.

Conforming To

The ippproxy program conforms to PWG Candidate Standard 5100.18: IPP Shared Infrastructure Extensions (INFRA).


Run ippproxy with an infrastructure URI of "ipps://host.example.com/ipp/print" and a local URI of "ipp://":

    ippproxy -d ipp:// ipps://host.example.com/ipp/print

See Also

ippserver(8), PWG Internet Printing Protocol Workgroup (http://www.pwg.org/ipp)


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