PWG November 2016 Face-to-Face Meeting Summary

The Printer Working Group November 2016 Face-to-Face meeting was held November 14-15, 2016. It was a “virtual face-to-face” meeting - all via teleconference / WebEx. We discussed current and future liaisons with other groups, reviewed several drafts of in-progress specifications, discussed topics concerning printers / MFDs and Common Criteria (CC) testing and certification, and reviewed efforts to evolve the PWG Semantic Model. Below is a more detailed summary of the proceedings.


In the PWG Plenary, we discussed several topics relevant to the PWG membership community.  First, a brief update on the state of membership, including a new PWG member, YSoft. Next, a summary of the work in progress on the creation of PWG Process 4, which intends to add clarifications to PWG Process 3.0, incorporate a number of policy documents’ content, but also form the core of a policy framework that will allow policies to be updated without the approval burden of revising the core PWG Process. Unfortunately, little progress has been made since August, but the PWG Steering Committee will meet later in the week to continue momentum. Discussion of a proposed new whitepaper outlining the design principles and core design ethos of the PWG was next.

Following that was a status report from each of the active PWG workgroups: IPP Workgroup, Semantic Model Workgroup, and Imaging Device Security Workgroup. Although the IDS Workgroup is in hibernation, there continues to be discussion about some of the certification hurdles with the Common Criteria HCD Protection Profiles. The IPP Workgroup summary discussed the IPP Everywhere Self Certification site and process, upcoming updates to the IPP Everywhere Self Certification tools (1.0 Update 1 and 1.1). There are now 19 IPP Everywhere certified printers, and more on the way. Ira described our liaison relationship with Trusted Network Computing. Paul Tykodi summarized a meeting with Pete Basiliere from Gartner about 3D printing.

Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) Workgroup

We reviewed the IPP/1.1 RFC updates and the latest drafts of the IPP System Service, IPP 3D Printing Extensions, and the IPP Finishings 2.1 specifications.

We noted the updates to IPP/1.1 (RFC 2910bis / RFC 2911bis) were nearing approval by the IETF. We reviewed the latest draft update to 5100.1 (a.k.a. “Finishings 2.1”), which has seen a number of changes since achieving Stable draft status and is now in PWG Last Call until Monday, December 12, 2016 . We also reviewed the latest revision of the IPP 3D Extensions, which is also now in PWG Last Call until Monday, December 12, 2016. Finally, we reviewed the most recently updated draft of the IPP System Service, which continues to make good progress toward reaching a prototype state.

Imaging Device Security (IDS) Workgroup

In the Imaging Device Security Working Group session, the attendees reviewed the results of the latest MFP Technical Committee Meeting held November 1 & 3, 2016. Issues discussed included how the US and Japanese Common Criteria Schemes will handle interpretations and changes to the new Common Criteria Hardcopy Device (HCD) Protection Profile (PP) and Us responses to issues against this PP raised at the August PWG IDS Face-to-Face Meeting such as the use of Solid State Drives, use of a true random number generator, and concerns about producing the entropy and other documentation required by this PP. We also the latest status of turning this bilateral HCD PP between the US and Japan into an international collaborative PP. Finally we discussed a proposal to update the IDS Charter and re-position the IDS to focus on outreaching with other standards bodies that are involved in HCD security issues.

Future monthly IDS meetings are planned for the hour following the SM Workgroup meetings, which are on opposite alternate weeks to the IPP Workgroup meetings.

Semantic Model (SM) Workgroup

In the Semantic Model Working Group session, we discussed the need for the PWG membership to be engaged in the development of the PWG Semantic Model, and proposed bringing to the Steering Committee a proposal to require Semantic Model analogs to any IPP attribute or keyword, so that the two are kept in synchronous states of development. The effort to encode a PWG Print Job Ticket into a 3MF 3D model file was discussed briefly. Following that, there was a discussion of the effort to finalize the Semantic Model v2 (SM2). And finally, the work on Semantic Model v3 (SM3) was discussed.

Next Meeting

We will hold our next PWG Face-to-Face meeting February 14-15, 2017 at Apple’s Sunnyvale site. Information on upcoming meetings is provided on the PWG Meetings page.